The philosophy behind Wildlife Hellenic Conservation Society is to provide and develop legal mediation and direct access for the international outfitters and agents to all government hunting projects. We work to ensure that the incomes from hunt will go properly to the government funds used for sustainable-use of wildlife in Greece. Free access to the information for government hunting areas and government programs will help to reduce corruption practices and will give all hunters an equal chance to enjoy the hunting of the unique and endemic species of Kri Kri ibex and Sapientza Mouflon. This association is open to accept any legal entity that wishes to provide legal and ethical hunting experience to their clients in Greece. Website registration is for agent companies and tour operators only. Each new member will be thoroughly checked before being approved for their membership. Our goal is to support wildlife conservation and development organizations and the establishment of game management areas that can be protected by local families or associations of local hunters. The locals generate revenues from these areas through guided hiking, game-viewing, wildlife photography and hunting. The revenues could fund the work of local rangers and nature guides, and any surpluses are invested into local development projects. This approach motivates families and hunters to refrain from unsustainable poaching and to protect the wildlife populations and their ecosystems.

Effectively regulated hunting programs plays an important role in the conservation approach of Wildlife Hellenic Conservation Society. In particular, sport hunting by international hunters provides the necessary financial means to these conservancy areas which motivates local communities to conserve wildlife. The main goal of WHCS is to follow the principles of conservation hunting, in which quotas are set and animals are specially selected for harvest in a way that minimizes the impact on population numbers, demographic structure, and genetics.

The conservancies managed by the members of WHCS provide excellent touristic opportunities. You may come for just a few hours to even a few weeks, enjoying the landscape,ancient cities, temples, and monuments, wildlife and local food and people. A variety of activities are available such as diving, hiking, bird watching, and wildlife photography.