This website and the services for booking the hunt is strictly restricted for members of WHCS and no other.
Members of Wildlife Hellenic Conservation Society (WHCS) could be only outfiters, hunting tour agents who are not involved in corruption practices and unethical and illegal hunt.

The aplicants,declares that they undertake to protect and not distribute any business secrets of WHCS,  and  Kri Kri ibex IKE. which have become known to them in connection with the bookings arising out of membership in WHCS with the company for the duration of any bookings, and up to 5 years after its termination. Business secrets within the meaning of this point are any information, facts or circumstances relating to: hunting areas, hotels, hunting lodges and guides, prices and hunting organization related with the hunt; the realization of the hunting safari in all its phases and stages; other clients and hunting territories, their employees, as well as employees of other companies members of WHCS and Kri Kri ibex IKE.; any subcontractors, prices and other conditions of this contract, as well as promotion and/or advertising of anyone of the partners of the companies or subcontractors involved in the safari/hunt to third parties.